Jami learned to crochet at just the age of ten in elementary school, after joining a crochet club with friends and fell in love with it immediately! She has carried this creative gift with her ever since. She believes God gives each of us gifts to aid in specific areas of our lives. With this, the art of crochet has helped her cope with anxiety, stress, and was also her own form of self care as a undergrad student.

She researched many yarns and tested different designs for months to bring each of you REMINISCE. Jami is truly a creative. She is extremely passionate about crocheting as well as the love, time, and hard work that goes into creating quality pieces!

MeMiMade was created to share her art, passion and creativity with the world and to inspire others to have the courage to follow suit. Jami continues to work hard to provide you all with many quality, exclusive crochet creations. She is looking forward to this journey and all the good that is coming with it. Stay tuned for what's to come. Thank you all for the support!

                                                 Proverbs 3:5-6 💚